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Vaartoe is ”a mountain with a miles wide view”. It is also the Sami name for the Centre for Sami Research, and furthermore a symbol for the perspective we strive for. Our ambition is to cross the academic borders, and to work both multi-disciplinary and internationally. By doing so we believe that the Sami research can be broadened and developed.

Centre for Sami Research, CeSam, coordinates research related to the Sami, their culture, language, history and society, and initiates new research. CeSam is meant to be a meeting-place for PhD students and researchers from a variety of disciplines at the university, thereby creating a positive research environment and a creative exchange of thoughts that have the power to enrich research.

News About Sami Research

Professor at Umeå University appointed Honorary Consul

Peter Sköld, Professor of History and Director of the Arctic Centre at Umeå University (Arcum), has by the Latvian Foreign Ministry been appointed to ...

University Network of European Capitals of Culture meet in Umeå

UNEeCC (University Network of European Capitals of Culture) has its annual conference in Umeå October 23 to 24. Members of UNEeCC's are universities i...

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Krister Stoor
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